dhusyandan's Profile

Age: 36

City: Ridgeland

State/Province: South Carolina

Country: United States

Education: Masters degree

Religion: Hindu

Career: Accounting/Finance

Marital Status: Separated/Divorced

Profile Rating: 2.5/5

Hello there! I'm a firm believer that life should be a journey of constant growth, filled with hard work and a thirst for learning new things each day. I have a deep love for the outdoors, and my adventurous spirit often leads me to the hiking trails. When I'm not exploring the great outdoors, you'll find me engrossed in a game of cricket or lost in the hypnotic rhythm of music.

In terms of a partner, I don't ask for much. Education and financial stability are somewhat important to me, but I'm more focused on the person than their status. Physical appearance does have some importance, but it's not everything. I believe that strong communication is the foundation of any lasting relationship.

Spiritual or religious beliefs? Not a deal-breaker for me. I respect all beliefs and, as long as you respect mine, we'll get along just fine.

Above all else, I believe in love. Love, in all its forms, is what makes life worth living. If you're someone who values communication, enjoys learning, and isn't afraid to take a trek through the wilderness from time to time, then we could be a great match. Let's explore what life has to offer together.