jamesdev's Profile

Age: 69

City: Melbourne

State/Province: Victoria

Country: Australia

Education: Masters degree

Religion: Hindu

Career: Engineering/Architecture

Marital Status: Separated/Divorced

Profile Rating: 3/5

I am a CEO for a large organisation and will retire soon to look after my investments/assets full time. I am super fit but not a fitness freak. Separated for 20 years and will finalise divorce in 2 months. I am close to my two daughters who have settled in life with significant professional careers and they are multimillionaires on their own rights. I am looking for a trusting, transparent and lasting relationship. The partner needs to be fit and outgoing who could travel with me. I am financially stable and the partner need not to have financial independence. Single or single parent with dependent young child or children ok. I am looking for someone with positive outlook and with aims and dreams no matter what the past was. I am confident I can add a lot of value to a future loved one’s goals and life, Not looking for any casual relationship please. I am young at heart, features and hopes. Looking someone who could move with me in Melbourne and could travel with me to their links anywhere in the world. Any religion, cast or creed ok as long as have good family values as I do. By the way I have a significant government guaranteed define benefit income 60% of it will be paid to my spouse up to her life long, indexed and tax free. It comes from my large super fund. Struggling mums with young children can apply too. No time wasting please.