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kirankpai's Profile

Age: 47

City: South Ham

State/Province: Hampshire

Country: United Kingdom

Education: Bachelors degree

Religion: Hindu

Career: IT/Telecommunications

Marital Status: Separated/Divorced

Profile Rating: 3.5/5

Looking for a life partner who likes me ....
I don't smoke/drink, not even soft drink...

I am far from perfect seeking someone with whom I can have a good married life, caring for her and sharing everything. I am alone here working in UK since 2006. I am looking for the right life partner with whom I can talk, smile, cry, learn, listen music, dance, cook, clean, exercise, travel, watch football/cricket, play TT/chess/cards/scrabble/badminton et al... Do everything together. I believe that one should not force or be forced. I do not smoke or drink, but do not believe that drinking is bad if limited. I am a vegetarian because I was brought up that way, not due to religious reasons. In fact I have shared kitchen and fridge space with non vegetarians in UK. I used to cook a lot before, but it has gone down more recently with more time after work going to gym/running/dance, but am sure that it will be more fun to talk or dance or cook or exercise or watch movie with my life partner. I like checking out the news.

I mostly try to keep myself fit, so often most of the people guess my age to be at least 12 years lesser. My 10 kms best time recently is 46 minutes 1-2 years back whose link I can share with you later. I am now preparing for 21 kms run and can run it in around 1.5 hours without any break.

I work for a reputed e-commerce/retail company in Europe, owning B-and-Q, Castorama and Screwfix.
Religions/Castes/Communities/Languages are like parents to me. I definitely respect my own, but also others' equally. Wherever I go, NOTHING CAN TAKE THE HINDU OUT OF ME. My Hindu taste will be there in my every thought, in my every breath, in my every action, but wherever required, by thinking logically, I can be practical enough to relax it slightly provided it does not violate my basic principles.

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