lanikandiah's Profile

Age: 43

City: Sandilipay

State/Province: Northern Province

Country: Sri Lanka

Education: Bachelors degree

Religion: Hindu

Career: Health Care/Nurse

Marital Status: Never Married

Profile Rating: 3/5

Hello there,

I'm someone who's looking for a serious commitment that hopefully leads to marriage. I believe that financial stability is somewhat important in a partner, but it's not the be-all and end-all for me. I value the essence of a person more than their physical appearance, so I'm interested in getting to know you for who you truly are.

I'm drawn to people who are ambiverts, possessing a balanced blend of both extroversion and introversion. I find it fascinating when someone can enjoy both a lively party and a quiet evening at home with equal enthusiasm.

In my downtime, you'll often find me unwinding to the tunes of Ilaiyarajah and AR. Music is my sanctuary, and I find it's a wonderful way to relax and escape from the hustle-bustle of daily life.

My hobbies include reading story books, gardening, and tailoring. Each of these activities brings me a distinct kind of joy, whether it's getting lost in a compelling story, nurturing plants in my garden, or creating something beautiful with my own two hands.

I'm not currently looking to learn or try anything new, as I'm content with my hobbies and interests. However, I'm always open to new experiences that come my way.

If you're someone who values genuine connection, mutual respect, and are interested in a serious relationship, I'd love to hear from you. Let's see if we hit the right note together!