mahesh55's Profile

Age: 34

City: Kaduruwela

State/Province: North Central

Country: Sri Lanka

Education: Masters degree

Religion: Hindu

Career: Research/Scientist

Marital Status: Never Married

Profile Rating: 2.77/5

As an advanced-level Physics teacher working for the government in Sri Lanka, my passion for the subject is boundless. I am also working as a visiting academic for the Engineering degree program at a local university. My journey in physics began at a university in Sri Lanka, where I majored in the field and earned my BSc degree. One of my most cherished experiences was working as a research assistant, a role that not only enriched my knowledge but also fueled my ambition to become a physicist. This opportunity has been instrumental in driving me toward my ultimate career goal.

I am known for my relentless work ethic and my determination to overcome challenges. I believe that every failure is an opportunity to find innovative solutions, which is a mindset I constantly instill in my students. Coming from a middle-class family, I may not possess substantial wealth, but I firmly believe that my education is the key to rising above my circumstances and achieving success.

I find solace in quiet and harmonious environments, particularly those close to nature. Living an eco-friendly lifestyle and maintaining a positive demeanor are values I hold dear. I strive to avoid conflict and prioritize peace and understanding in all my interactions.

Beyond my professional work, I have a deep passion for reading, particularly books like "The 5 AM Club, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, A Brief History of Time, and Brief Answers to the Big Questions, How to Win Friends & Influence People, " and My interests mainly gravitate towards physics-related and motivational books. Recently, I've also been exploring the world of audiobooks, finding them to be a convenient and enriching way to consume content. These activities not only enrich my mind but also provide a creative outlet for my thoughts and experiences.

Also, I have a passion for crafting with waste materials such as plastic, paper, and glass bottles. Transforming these items into something useful and beautiful not only sparks my creativity but also aligns with my commitment to sustainability and reducing waste.

I also enjoy biking and cycling. These activities not only keep me fit and healthy but also allow me to connect with nature and explore the outdoors in an eco-friendly way.

Cooking is another interest of mine, though I am still in the early stages of learning. I am hopeful that I will acquire culinary skills from my future life partner, as I dream of surprising her with special meals on memorable occasions.

While I currently prefer the comfort of home over going out alone, I harbor a deep desire to embark on adventures around the world with my partner. Together, I envision us exploring new places, creating cherished memories, and embracing the wonders of life.

I find great joy in living with pets. Their companionship brings an added layer of happiness and tranquility to my life. The bond I share with them enriches my daily experiences and provides a sense of comfort.