rajeshpc694's Profile

Age: 28

City: Melbourne

State/Province: Victoria

Country: Australia

Education: Masters degree

Religion: Hindu

Career: Software Eng/Computer

Marital Status: Never Married

Profile Rating: 3.5/5

Thank you for showing interest in my son’s profile. He is a fun-loving and jovial nature person and is adored by all for his personality. We are looking for someone who respects people regardless of their status, show gratitude and have good family values, someone who can carry both modern and traditional values, a well educated girl, should ideally be career oriented, caste is not a bar.

My son is interested in travelling and exploring other countries as well, and his employer is happy to arrange transfer. After marriage he is planning to work in US or UK for few years (waiting for his Australian citizenship later this year). We are basically from Bangalore and our ancestors are from both Andhra and Tamilnadu! We speak Telugu, Kannada and Tamil fluently.