ravivelusamy's Profile

Age: 48

City: Wattala

State/Province: Western Province

Country: Sri Lanka

Education: Ask me later

Religion: Hindu

Career: Manager/Human Resources

Marital Status: Separated/Divorced

Profile Rating: 3/5

Hello there! I'm a techie at heart, with a love for all things gadget-related. My curiosity doesn't stop there, though. I'm also a fan of badminton, swimming, and a good game of chess. In the midst of these hobbies, I've also achieved the dream of buying my own land.

I'm searching for a partner who understands the importance of financial stability, but doesn't need to share my religious or spiritual beliefs. Physical appearance holds some importance to me, but when it comes to personality, I don't have a specific type in mind. I'm open to discovering the beauty in all kinds of people.

In my quest for personal growth, I'm striving to learn how to be calm and quiet. Maybe you've mastered this art and can share your wisdom, or perhaps it's something we can explore together.

In case you're wondering, there isn't anything particularly important that I'd like to add to my profile. I believe the best way to get to know someone is through conversation, so don't hesitate to reach out! Let's discover what we might have in common.