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Age: 47

City: Abbeytown

State/Province: Cumbria

Country: United Kingdom

Education: High school

Religion: Hindu

Career: Business/Entrepreneur

Marital Status: Separated/Divorced

Profile Rating: 1.71/5

Be friendly forever.....R Thas wants to marrie Tamil hindu girl.

I'm separated. Looking to marrie a Sri Lankan hindu Tamil girl. My family is me and 3 sisters. I have 2 children. The bride may be a same caste, Koviar as to be the best. If anyone interest, then you may speak to my Sister.
Thank you.

The bride always being with a real kind. Must to believe her husband forever. The bride shoul be that, who can held her partner is a more than everything even though more than her parents, as I will.
No affairs, or never keep continueing ex contacts.

No arqueing person, but she needs to be a interlegion to solve the problems by the situations. And also support to husband more than her family or anyone as who can believe her husband will come alive together until die.

who can really believe the husband and wife life is being forever. who understand the life for alive peacefully as its not to spoil. who believe herself as she will not marrie the status of husband, that she is going to marrie her husband soul as a human being. Who believe she is entering into a man life as its her main part of his world forever, as its not man joining in her life as a part. So its her responsible to lookafter her new life more than everything, as the marrige is not only husband and wife relationship such as its being both families hapiness as well. who believe that she is the energy of new family and she must act as a blood for a body (husband) to active well the family.

Respect is a very important from both side of families.