sujith's Profile

Age: 32

City: Batticaloa

State/Province: Eastern Province

Country: Sri Lanka

Education: High school

Religion: Hindu

Career: Marketing/Sales

Marital Status: Never Married

Profile Rating: 3/5

Hello there! I'm looking for someone who is serious about starting a long-term relationship. I'm currently based in my home country and I'm not looking to relocate, so I hope we can build our love nest here together. Faith plays a significant role in my life, so it's important to me that my partner shares my spiritual beliefs. I also value physical appearance a lot, believing that the attraction between two people is a key element in a successful relationship.

My friends might describe me as a bit reserved since I prefer not to overshare, but once I open up, you'll find a loyal and caring person underneath. I have a particular fondness for rice curry - it's my favorite type of food and I would be more than happy to share this passion with you!

When it comes to hobbies, I'm a dedicated worker and find fulfillment in my job. I also deeply value my family, especially my mother (Amma), and food is another big interest of mine, exploring different flavors and cuisines is always a fun adventure.

As for memorable experiences, there have been many important moments in my life that have shaped who I am today. I look forward to sharing more about these experiences in person.

I look forward to meeting someone who appreciates these aspects of my life and can add to them in a meaningful way. If you share similar values and interests, feel free to reach out!